Why Size Matters

We are excited to announce that the Technical Article on wide-width rolls written by Colin Murphy, with research from CEO, Jason Stanley, has been released. 

The article Colin Murphy discusses the claims made by manufacturers of wide-width single-ply rolls regarding the advantages of using such products in roofing applications. Some manufacturers argue that wide-width rolls provide benefits like fewer seams and quicker installation, especially in fully adhered and plate-bonded systems. However, the article challenges this claim, particularly regarding side-lap mechanically attached applications.

According to Colin Murphy, the installation process for wider and heavier rolls may take longer and pose challenges for installers. While wide-width rolls offer advantages in fully adhered and plate-bonded systems by reducing seams and T-joints, these benefits don’t necessarily extend to lap-attached mechanically fastened systems. The article presents findings from an analysis comparing wide-width rolls versus traditional narrower rolls in mechanically attached systems.

The article also touches on the maneuverability of larger rolls on-site, emphasizing potential safety concerns and additional labor required for moving and handling wider and heavier rolls. In summary, the author suggests that the advantages of wide-width rolls may not translate into cost savings and faster installation in mechanically attached roofing systems, and careful consideration of factors such as fastener density and labor is crucial in decision-making.

Read full article here.

*First appeared in the January 2024 issue of IIBEC Interface