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An Environmentally Conscience Partnership with IB Roof Systems

safe now and for generations

Environmentally Conscious Before "Sustainability" Was A Household Term

The industry's best PVC membrane provides enhanced Sustainability through:

Longevity + Reflectivity = Resiliency

IB Roof Systems has been an environmentally conscious company since its beginning in the late 1970s before "sustainability" was a household term.


nearly three times that of traditional asphalt roofing systems

Highly Recyclable

recycled and even upcycled after 30 years of useful life, avoiding the landfill altogether

Highly Reflective

reducing energy consumption and utility costs


formulated with enhanced fire-retardant properties

Our Pledge

We all have a responsibility to keep our environment safe now and for generations to come. In choosing IB Roof Systems as your partner, we can help enhance your roof's sustainability.

Lifecycle is the Key to Sustainability

"You have to think about durability - using high efficiency roofs without known longevity is a tad foolish. Replacing systems that fail prematurely doesn't do a lot of good for the environment."

~ Craig Silvertooth
President of the Center for Environmental Innovation in Roofing

Continue to promote, manufacture, and distribute products are smarter and better for the environment.
Continue to network with sustainable partners. Continue to produce systems that maintain long-term, high reflectivity.
Continue and increase reclamation of pre- and post-consumer product.
Continue to invest in new sustainable roofing technologies.


IB Roof Systems is proud to have a 30+ year track record of some of the longest-lasting sustainable roofing membranes in the industry, from coast to coast. This is the first step to enhanced sustainability. Other roof system types do not have an equivalent life cycle history and in some cases must be replaced 2 or 3 times sooner than an IB PVC membrane and often cannot be recycled or reclaimed. Which means they add to the landfill problem.

Avoiding the landfill altogether is a key point in longevity. IB Roof Systems roofing membranes are the best choice for long-term Performance. Providing a long-lasting membrane is another way IB Roof Systems can enhance your roof's sustainability.



Long-Term High Reflectivity Cooler Roofs and a Cooler Planet An IB reflective roof membrane can reflect up to 90% of the solar heat load that normally heats and enters a building through the roof. This translates into savings by reducing energy costs. IB Roof Systems White, Cool Sand, and Cool Stone membranes are third-party tested and verified to meet or exceed EnergyStar, California Title 24, and Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC)-Cool Reflective Roof Standards. We earned one of the highest ratings for reflectivity and emissivity.

IB Roof Systems applies a top finish to all their membranes to help keep them cleaner longer, increasing their reflective properties, reducing energy consumption, and reducing the urban heat island effect. Because of the high reflective life of IB Roof Systems membrane, there are considerable energy cost-saving benefits, lowering energy consumption and the utility bill.

Maintaining long-term high reflectivity is another way IB Roof Systems can enhance your roof's sustainability.

Accountability of One's Carbon Footprint

If you are concerned about your carbon impact, are you aware about the demand for corporations to reduce their carbon impact, operation emissions, and even achieve carbon neutrality?

What is Carbon Neutrality?


Carbon neutral means that any CO2 released into the atmosphere from a company's product production or product use is balanced by an equivalent amount of CO2 being removed through the atmosphere.

What is Carbon Negative?
Carbon negative means that the amount of CO2 removed or saved is greater than the embodied carbon to manufacture and install the product and CO2 that may continue to be released into the atmosphere from product.

Some roofing products are great at saving energy and may even be recyclable, but they will never become carbon neutral due to their embodied carbon to manufacture, install and short life span of the product.

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Carbon Roof Recovery Calculator
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solar energy

Solar Energy Compatible

IB offers solar ready and solar compatible roof systems that have the field performance to match the required service life of the PV system.

IB membrane supports roof solar energy generation. By partnering with experts in the solar energy field, IB Roof Systems can provide long-term waterproofing solutions already proven for 30 years and which are designed to last as long as the solar panels are warranted. Roofing systems not proven may not perform as long and cause a costly removal and re-install of the solar system and new roofing material, possibly erasing any savings that the solar system provided.

solar panels for roofs

Rooftop Mounted Solar

  • Promote environmental stewardship
  • Reduce carbon emissions
  • Allow for energy independence

IB Solar Array Mounting System Solution

See the IB U-Anchor Solar Mount System


Reclamation - A legacy that goes on and on and on...

It's one thing to say that a roofing product can be recycled and another to have one currently being upcycled.

IB Roof Systems is proud to have some of the longest-lasting sustainable roofing membranes in the industry, with an incredible track record to back it up. They are also proud to start reclaiming and recycling those same roofs after their long useful life is over.

After 30 years of outstanding performance, IB Roof Systems reflective membranes are being upcycled into other high-quality products avoiding the landfill altogether.

Jeff Walter from Northwest Polymers, a plastics recycling company, stated, "From what we have seen so far in processing the aged PVC membrane material, there is very little waste. As it passes through our system, we recognize about 99.5% of good, usable materials. He also said further that one of the good things about vinyl and plastics is that they last for such a long time. The material is still very usable, degradation is minimal, and because of this, it can still be made into good products even when it has already served for 30 years"

Reclaiming used roofing membrane is another way... IB Roof Systems can enhance your roof's sustainability.


Garden Roofs - Mother Nature's Roofing Solution

Garden roofs offer wonderful long-term benefits to the building and the environment. To create these mini eco-systems on a rooftop requires a significant investment; therefore, it is vital to the success of the rooftop garden that a proven, durable waterproofing system be put in place. IB Roof Systems have been used successfully for many years as the waterproofing membrane of choice for garden roofs. IB Roof Systems membranes are:

  • Highly resistant to solid root penetration
  • Handle constant or ponding moisture
  • Resistant to high PH or acidic soil conditions
  • Proven performance for over 30 years

IB Roof Systems membrane maximizes the life of a roof-top garden and is another way... IB Roof Systems can enhance your roof's sustainability.

ib product circle


If longevity is key to Sustainability, then Resiliency is the key to longevity. When we consider all the benefits of an IB Roof System's reflective membrane there is no doubt that our membranes are resilient in performance and their ability to provide durability both in top weathering surface, resistance to ponding water, as well as compatible with so many other environmental friendly initiatives. IB Roof Systems membranes are:

  • Durable weathering surface is up to 250% thicker than ASTM standard for PVC membranes
  • Superior weldability - balanced top and bottom layer thickness for ideal welding
  • Minimal Maintenance Membrane
  • Highest Quality PVC
  • Extreme Weather Resistance - coast to coast
  • Superior Fire Resistance - PVC will not support a flame
  • Longest Industry Warranties

Proven performance and environmentally sound before "sustainability" became a household term.

IB Roof Systems membrane provide lasting protection through longevity and the resiliency of its proven formulation... another way IB Roof Systems can enhance your roof's sustainability.

Our Partner & Associations

IB Roof Systems is proud to work with, be a part of, and have our products and systems certified with these industry organizations.

Client Reviews

Our Testimonials

ODOT Raymond Cooper testimonial

"We specifically wanted the reflective material in order to capture additional savings on heating and cooling. We’ve already received comments from the staff that the building is much cooler."

Raymond Cooper, Regional Facilities Manager
Oregon Department of Transportation

Harrisburg Tom Dentel testimonial

"IB Roof Systems gave us what we wanted. And guess what, we have roofs over twenty years old with no problems, no maintenance except for cleaning leaves and balls out of gutters and no sign of wear. We don’t allocate funds in our budget every year for roof repair, maintenance, or interior damage. We have won the battle. In my book, IB Roof Systems deserves and A+."

Tom Dentel, Maintenance Supervisor
Harrisburg School District

Herakles Data Center Mott testimonial

"In my mind, it’s the best quality product on the market, period. "

Gordon Mott
Gordon Mott Roofing Co., Inc.

BETHESDA Mike Sharp testimonial

"IB Roof Systems provides products that are superior, and greener for the environment. Now I finally have a product I can sell!”

Mike Sharpe
Sharpe Roofing

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