The highest quality PVC membranes and fluid applied solutions in the roofing and waterproofing industry.

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At IB Roof Systems, we are dedicated to providing our customers the highest quality products on the market. Design professionals can comfortably and confidently select to work with IB products because of their performance, reliability, and longevity. Commercial building owners and facility managers have confidently entrusted their assets to IB Roof Systems since 1978.

About IB Roof Systems

Silicone / Acrylic Roof Restoration Products

These fabric-less coating systems deliver continued life to existing roofs, saving time and money.

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Designed to Perform: How an IB Roof Membrane is Made

The ONE piece of a roof that protects your total commercial roof investment.

Acrylic Coated Finish

Keeps the surface Clean, light and reflective and adds years to the life of your roof.

Durable Weathering Top Film

The highest quality compounds to keep the membrane flexible even 30+ years later.

Anti-Wicking Polyester Scrim

Most competitive membranes use fiberglass or materials that DON’T wick water away from cut edges, leaving the membrane easy prey for delamination. IB provides the PERFECT amount of grid to allow the top and bottom films to form a molecular bond and not glued together with perfect flexibility.

Surpassing ASTM Standard

All test results taken from the typical properties of IB Roof Systems PVC roofing membranes. Requirements were taken from ASTM D4434-12

  • Durable, Reflective Surface
  • Best Seam Welding Material
  • Least Maintenance Roof Product
  • Highest Quality Materials
  • Longest Industry Warranties
  • Safest Fire Resistance

Durable Same Thickness Bottom Film

A perfect match. Using same formulation and same thickness in both layers ensures perfect welding at every seam. While competitors skimp and create a perceived thicker surface but use a cheap and unmatched bottom layer creating margin for weak and unreliable welding.


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Client Reviews

Our Testimonials

"We specifically wanted the reflective material in order to capture additional savings on heating and cooling. We’ve already received comments from the staff that the building is much cooler."

Raymond Cooper, Regional Facilities Manager
Oregon Department of Transportation

"IB Roof Systems gave us what we wanted. And guess what, we have roofs over twenty years old with no problems, no maintenance except for cleaning leaves and balls out of gutters and no sign of wear. We don’t allocate funds in our budget every year for roof repair, maintenance, or interior damage. We have won the battle. In my book, IB Roof Systems deserves and A+."

Tom Dentel, Maintenance Supervisor
Harrisburg School District

"In my mind, it’s the best quality product on the market, period."

Gordon Mott
Gordon Mott Roofing Co., Inc.

"IB Roof Systems provides products that are superior, and greener for the environment. Now I finally have a product I can sell!”

Mike Sharpe
Sharpe Roofing