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Codes & Approvals

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Cool Roof Rating Council: IB CRRC Rating
DeckShield: Intertek Report CCRR-0395
Energy Star
Florida Building Code: IB ROOF FL2534 R16
Florida Building Code: IB ROOF HVHZ FL23802 - R6
International Code Council: IB ICC ESR Report 2852
Los Angeles Department Of Building & Safety: IB RR LARR
Miami-Dade: IB Concrete Decks NOA 15 0928 10
Miami-Dade: IB Lightweight Concrete Decks NOA 15 0928 13
Miami-Dade: IB Recover Decks NOA 15 0928 14
Miami-Dade: IB Steel Decks NOA 15 0928 11
Miami-Dade: IB Wood Decks NOA 15 0928 12
State farm premium credits product listing
Texas Department of Insurance: IB TDI Evaluation ID RC 243
UL: IB TGFU R15546
UL: IB TGFU7.R15546 canada

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