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IB Wall Detail IsoWeld

Prior to beginning the installation, it is important to be familiar with the induction weld equipment manufacturer's safety requirements and application guidelines and instructions. Do not proceed with this installation until you have fully read and understand this information.

To install an induction-attached wall-based flashing, you will first need to terminate the membrane at the roof-to-wall transition. Locate fasteners 12 inches in the center. Measure the dimensions of the wall. Cut the membrane into manageable lengths to install in a vertical or horizontal fashion. Ensure to allow for the base flashing to extend a minimum of five inches out onto the roof, extending past the membrane termination, and for a sufficient distance to form a one-and-a-half-inch welded seam. For induction-attached roof membranes on walls and at the base seam, secure the board in accordance with the ISO weld table for perimeter and/or corner areas.

Position the wall flashing into place and temporarily tack a termination point on the wall. Use an induction welding device to bond the membrane to the coded plate and then place a magnet over the welded plate in accordance with the equipment manufacturer's instructions. Weld the base seam to form a one-and-a-half-inch welded seam past the fastener plate.

Upon completing the installation, ensure all seams and laps are inspected and probed. If deficiencies are found, the area must be rewelded or repaired.

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