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IB E-Curb Installation

The IB E-Curb System Kit replaces old-fashioned metal pitch pans with versatile precast components and pourable sealants. The kit consists of exterior rings and one sealant and one part pourable sealant. The number of exterior rings depends on the size of the kit ordered.

Temporarily place the exterior ring around the pipe to locate the termination points. Secure the membrane at the determined locations. Install a target sheet around the pipe and extending a minimum of two inches beyond the fastening plate. Prime the penetration with M-1 sealant by applying a generous amount around the base of the pipe. Work the sealant up the sides to a minimum of one inch above than the height of the E-Curb. With the ring of the E-Curb already connected, apply M-1 sealant to the bottom of the E-Curb. Carefully install the prepped E-Curb over the pipe and press firmly into place. Apply additional M-1 sealant around the base of the E-Curb. And along the connection points of the ring, work the M-1 sealant into place to ensure there are no voids. Allow time to dry. Complete the detail by applying the one part pourable sealant into the ring cavity. Fill the cavity to the top of the curb height.

Upon completing the installation, ensure all seams and laps are inspected and probed. If deficiencies are found, the area must be rewelded or repaired.


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