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IB 10 Inch Vent

IB 10-inch roof vents are used as a general-purpose roof vents to provide ventilation of interior attic and cavity spaces. IB 10-inch roof vents are not intended to be installed over any exhaust pipes such as dryer, gas, chimney, bath, or kitchen vents. After identifying the location of the vent opening, position the 10-inch roof vent over the roof opening. Secure the 10-inch roof vent base to the roof deck using approved IB fasteners. Ensure that each pre-punched hole on the base of the 10-inch roof vent receives a fastener for proper securement. Weld the base seam to form a one-and-a-half-inch welded seam around the entire target flashing. Upon completing the installation, ensure all seams and laps are inspected and probed. If deficiencies are found, the area must be re-welded or repaired.


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