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IB Insulation - Mechanically Attached

When installing an insulated mechanically fastened roof, the insulation is to be preliminarily fastened only. Set insulation over the substrate, taking care to fit uniformly and closely together. Offset board joints a minimum of 12" in one direction from the preceding course. Fill any gaps greater than 1/4" with matching insulation material. For mechanically attached roof membranes, secure the insulation using the appropriate fastening pattern for your board size. For a 4 X 8 board, measure in 12" from each corner in both directions and set the insulation plate. Then, place a plate equally spaced between and in line with the corner plates on the top and bottom rows.

This should total six fasteners per 4 X 8 board. For a 4 X 4 board, measure in 12" from each corner in both directions, and set the insulation plate. This should total four fasteners per 4 X 4 board. Set fasteners with a clutch-equipped or adjustable depth screw gun taking care not to overdrive or strip out the fastener. Fasteners and plates shall be driven straight, perpendicular to the deck, and flush to the membrane surface, penetrating into or through the roof deck in accordance with IB requirements. Upon completing the installation, ensure all seams and laps are inspected and probed. If deficiencies are found, the area must be rewelded or repaired.


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