Warranty Extension Requirements

IB Roof Systems prides itself on providing the highest quality roofing systems to our
roofing contractors and building owners. We recently made a decision to implement a +5 year extension option to our Total Systems Warranties. In doing so,
IB Roof Systems has positioned itself to be a market leader in the confidence level we have in our product. This confidence comes from our history of strong performance. To ensure that systems will perform beyond the extended warranty, the following requirements have been identified as necessary. General 5 year extension Project Requirements: New or Tear-Off Installations with one or more layers of insulation. (Recover only with Prior Review/Approval of Technical Services). Note 1: EPS Fanfold is not an approved surface for extended warranties. Other acceptable low cost solutions are 1″ min ISO, 1/2″ or greater Recover Board ISO or HD ISO Coverboard. Note 2: 30 year option flashings and accessories will be made of 80 mil materials (cost will be same as standard pricing).