The Coders Would Appreciate It If The Mechanical Items Wouldn’t Roll Around On The Roof

By Shawn Stockford
IB Roof Systems

The old saying of “the only two things anyone can count on is death and taxes” is definitely true, but I believe we as roofers could easily add “and building code changes” to it as well. The International Builders Code (IBC), the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), Factory Mutual Group (FM), city, state, and county are always in a constant state of changing which codes they are working with.  With each new major update comes the daunting task for States, Counties, and Cities to decide if and when to adopt the new revisions.  One city might be using the 2010 revision and the next one over might be using the 2017 revisions, yet the inspectors may not even know which one they are supposed to be enforcing. As manufacturers, we can only ensure that our products are capable of being used in such a manor to comply with those codes.
IB U-Anchor
One new one coming from the ASCE is easy to comply with when using the U-Anchor from IB Roof Systems.  The ASCE code has been suggesting that contractors secure all mechanical, plumbing, and electrical items on a roof for several years now, but recently in the latest revision they have mandated it. The FM Group and FEMA have jumped on board as well. They have determined that in severe storms, roof damage costs would have been substantially reduced if mechanical, plumbing, and electrical items had been secured to the roof deck instead of tumbling all over the roof causing more damage.
For HVAC and similar items, by simply adding 1 U-Anchor on each side and then strapping them with a cable in a Criss Cross pattern and securing the cable to the stud bolt on the U-Anchor makes for a quick and simple code compliance. The same goes for plumbing, electrical, and satellite antennas. Simply using wood or rubber blocks does not “secure” those items to the roof deck.  Why deal with traditional deck mount options that require you to cut insulation, coverboard, and membrane to go-over them. Simply install the entire roof system, and when it is all done, then decide where you want to mount your support brackets and simply screws them down. This is a huge time saver!  Additionally, if you are using surface mounted supports for plumbing, ductwork, electrical, etc, you can still secure them by using U-Anchors near each support leg and by tethering them with a cable to the U-Anchor you have met the code requirement.
Once you start providing this peace of mind for your customers, you will find that on average you will order approximately 5 U-Anchors for every 10 squares of project space. U-Anchors are simple and quick to install, providing a secure and great looking accessory to your project. You will find them on the IB Roof Systems price list.