Roofers Helping Roofers

Generosity goes a long way!

In 2020 people flocked to the store to buy toilet paper. A year later, contractors are doing the same, but it’s not toilet paper they are seeking, it’s plates and screws!

Many contractors bought ahead of price increases, causing unusual pressure on supply, and when inventory became low, customers began to double down and start stockpiling plates and screws, causing an industry wide crisis. Some customers understand that this is not a long-term issue but rather an artificial escalation caused by panic buying and hoarding.

Harvey Adams of AA Rain-Tite Roofing, a 30-year customer of IB, decided to share his inventory stock that he has accumulated over the years,  with other IB Contractors. Recently, Harvey shipped IB nearly half a million screws and plates to share with others.

Harvey said, β€œIt doesn’t seem right to be sitting on all these screws and plates while other IB Contractors are trying to feed their family.” Harvey went on to say,” Larry Stanley would have done the same for me, so this is my chance to pay it forward.”

We thank Harvey Adams of AA Rain-Tite Roofing for his kindness and generosity towards others in this time of need.