Premium Roof Services wins the prestigious award for Palm Residence, Cardiff, CA

Residential Project of the Year Award

“All involved on this project are extremely humbled being awarded the Residential Project of the Year,”

Premium Roof Services is founded on the cornerstone that good relationships are good business. Founded in 1996, Premium Roof Services couldn’t be more proud of their team of skilled roofers — who have more than half a century of experience and over a lifetime of integrity — for the level of quality workmanship performed at the Palm Residence in Cardiff, California. The work of the crews shined with this award-winning residence.

This custom home showcases spectacular ocean views and architecture. Premium Roof Services installed a 6,000 square foot re-roof using Securock over wood deck with IB PVC 50 mil white mechanically attached membranes. After initially removing two layers of old roofing, they inspected and replaced the damaged sheathing. The newly installed IB PVC Roof System was accompanied by custom copper and 2-piece compression edge trim. The entire project took seven days to complete.

This beautiful estate which has the ocean as its backdrop has a very unique circular roof that embodies a pool-like shape, with little to no straight edges. “Due to its unusual shape, and scale, the estimating process needed close attention,” stated Peter Codallos, President of Premium Roof Services.. “The material yield/waste factor was close to 25%. Due to the owners request, we attained copper edging locally which was different from our usual ordering process with IB. It was not a real issue but involved details we had to work though.”

“All involved on this project are extremely humbled being awarded the Residential Project of the Year,” continued Codallos. “The time and attention to detail began with estimator, Angel Blas, our amazing roofing technicians, foreman, Juanito Lopez and supervised by Jose Macias. With one of the best residential warranties available that we know of, we feel confident that our client’s amazing home will be well protected with their new IB Roofing System for years to come.”

“We are proud to award Premium Roof Services the Residential Project of the Year Award,” stated Jason Stanley, IB Roof Systems CEO. “The beauty and installation of the new roof is amazing. We are proud of them for their ongoing commitment to using the highest performing roofing products, offering extremely strong warranties and providing overall service to their customers and community. They are the type of roofing company that we are proud to work with.”

Roof Area:
6000 square feet
IB Roof Systems
Premium Roof Services
Wood Deck overlay Materials used: IB Roof Systems 50 mil white, mechanically attached, Securock, 2-piece compression trim, Lifetime Warranty