Larry J. Stanley Humanitarian Award Recipient

CAS – Abel Anaya Residential Roof Donation project

Abel Anaya and CAS, Clint and Lucas Satterfield, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Roof Area: 350 square feet (flat)
Completed: 2019
Manufacturer: IB Roof Systems
System: Wood Deck overlay
Materials used: IB Roof Systems 50 mil Tan, Tan drip edge metal, Tan D boot, Lifetime Warranty

“This was a military veteran
in desperate need of a
new roof who didn’t have
the funds that made this
project a heartwarming
project to work on,”

During the 2020 IB Annual Corporate Retreat, Jason Stanley, CEO of IB Roof Systems was honored to present the CAS Enterprises team with the Larry J. Stanley Humanitarian Award. The award is given to the roofing company that promotes and provides a significant effort in community service or humanitarian projects.

IB Roof Systems authorized contractors are nominated by IB sales representatives for outstanding humanitarian service. Mike Swartzer, IB Roof Systems’ National Sales Manager had heard about CAS Enterprises Roof Giveaway and their 2020 recipient Abel Anaya. “Clint Satterfield and his father have been doing humanitarian focused projects (i.e., roof giveaways) for roughly 13+ years,” stated Swartzer. “Now once a year, CAS Enterprises does a free roof giveaway to a veteran. It is held through a local TV station, and anyone throughout New Mexico can go online to the TV stations Web site and nominate a veteran for this giveaway. Abel Anaya Jr. was the winner in 2019.”

CAS Enterprises is a family-owned business starting its third generation serving the communities of Albuquerque, Santa Fe and Roswell. They are focused on supporting their communities along with providing the best customer service including their one-of-a-kind Lifetime Residential Warranty.

Propelling CAS Enterprises to the top award was their community awards program – CAS Roof Giveaway awarded to a noble and dedicated patriot, Abel Anaya Jr. “Mr. Anaya’s roof was leaking from several locations, it was a pitch roof that also has a flat back porch,” stated Lucas Satterfield of CAS Enterprises. “We removed all the shingles on the pitched section and reroofed it with a stone coated steel roof. We installed IB Roof PVC 50 mil tan and tan drip edge metal with one tan D boot on the back porch. Overall the project took a week and a half to complete.”

The nomination from his children for Abel stated, “We would like to nominate our father, Abel Anaya Jr. who is the foundation of our family, for a Lifetime Roof. Our father has served his country faithfully and honorably in both the Air Force and the Army for over 30 years. He was deployed to Korea for a year back in 1969 and retired after serving over 30 years in April 2000 with the Army Reserves.”

Abel had owned his home for over 50 years and was experiencing roof leaks when it rained. He tried fixing the leaks himself, at the young age of 79, but needed help. The daughters shared, “We truly believe he deserves this without question. Anyone who has had the pleasure to call our father a friend knows he would literally give his shirt off his back for someone in need without judgement. Our father has worked selflessly to help his community/neighborhood which he has lived in for the past 52 years.”

“This was a military veteran in desperate need of a new roof who didn’t have the funds that made this project a heartwarming project to work on,” concluded Satterfield. “There is nothing more I look forward to each and every year than this roof giveaway. I love every aspect of it, I love finding out who won. And I especially love making the phone call to let them know they won. The joy and happiness in their voice is an amazing feeling. Meeting the winners and seeing the look on their faces when I show up to measure the roof puts a smile on my face. These veterans have given so much to protect our country. We are honored to be able to help them.”

“We are proud to award CAS Enterprises the Larry J. Stanley Humanitarian Award,” stated Stanley. “They are committed to so many core values that we share including the use of performance roofing products, extremely strong warranties and overall service to their customers and community. They are the type of roofing company that we are proud to work with.”