Keeping It Cool Since 1978

IB Roof Systems (IB) is an industry pioneer in long-lasting single-ply roofing solutions. IB was founded in Eugene, Ore., in 1978, when most of the roofing industry was still using bituminous-based roofing products. After more than three decades of protecting private and industrial structures, IB has an impressive track record in providing roofing systems that are durable, safe, and energy efficient. Since its inception, IB has grown into a leading producer of single-ply roofing membranes. Even today, there are roofs across the United States still benefiting from an IB system installed only a few short years after Larry Stanley, IB’s founder, opened his doors. To this day those roofs still require little to no maintenance or repair. This type of dependability comes solely from IB’s adherence to its value proposition to quality products, exceptional customer service and technical expertise. IB relies on its strong and vast network of authorized contractors to install its products and systems accurately and efficiently. “We do the manufacturing and tech support,” explains Jason Stanley, CEO of IB. “The contractors do the oversight of the actual project, so it is vital to select only the most qualified installers to give the end-user peace of mind.” It is because of these contractors and the demand for quality products and systems that IB has been able to expand its core business across the continental U.S., and reaching out to areas such as Alaska, Hawaii, the Caribbean, Canada, Japan and more.
The Green Scene IB’s roofing and reroofing products and accessories are designed for durability and efficiency. The integrated systems offer both monetary value and a healthy dose of environmental responsibility. An IB system is made with polyvinyl chloride, or PVC. PVC is a combination of natural gas and salt that forms a nearly insoluble material that is highly resistant to weather, chemicals, and withstands other environmental and man-made factors that break down standard roofing materials. PVC even acts as a natural fire-resistant barrier. This is why IB is one of the only companies to offer lifetime warranties on residential properties and extended warranties on commercial buildings. IB is even able to recycle its post-industrial waste and incorporate it into new material, which ultimately reduces the amount of waste heading into landfills like so many other roofing types. The benefits of PVC do not end there. IB’s white color membrane alone reduces cooling costs by reflecting heat, allowing an IB roof to stay up to 30-degrees cooler in the summer than standard black surfaces. In terms of additional benefits, IB’s systems are ideal for rooftop gardens, which promote improved air quality, reduce carbon emissions, support urban food production and improve insulation for buildings they cover. The durability of a PVC roofing solution supports plants with heavy roots and stands up to heavy loads of dirt and water. IB also designs systems to supports and protect alternative energy resources, like solar panels utilizing innovative attachment products such as the U-Anchor 2000. When the Architect of the Capitol (AOC) began reroofing the Rayburn House, a historic congressional office building in Washington, D.C., they demanded a system encompassing long-lasting products that promote the conservation of the environment. It was IB’s dedication to these very fundamental elements that made the company a prime candidate, and it was ultimately awarded the project. The AOC’s recent sustainability efforts have made it a leader for environmental change amongst federal agencies, and many of the buildings in the District are getting eco-makeovers. Corporate companies are seeing the benefit of these green roofs more and more. In fact, Hewlett- Packard has environmentally friendly roofs appearing on buildings around their corporate campus in Palo Alto, Calif., as a multiple-phase revamp.
Covering All the Bases Over the next few years, IB’s U.S. business model will continue its expansion and reinforcement to other markets. With many industries moving to greener operations, this roofing systems company is already way ahead of the curve. Aside from ecofriendly products, IB is 100-percent carbon-neutral, meaning the company is committed to sustainable practices and offsets its carbon footprint by investing in alternative energy and projects that reverse greenhouse effects and help to put the brakes on climate change. The future of IB promises not only growth, but also a continued dedication to the environment. Jason and IB team maintain a pledge to “sustain a carbon-neutral business, seek out and network with environmentally minded partners, and to advance technologies in sustainable, recyclable and energy-efficient products.” With an understanding of every producer’s responsibilities to the environment, IB encourages its partners and contractors to make a difference on a global level by making a difference within their communities. This approach, combined with the company’s value proposition of quality products, exceptional customer service and technical expertise, will ensure IB Roof Systems experiences continued growth and reinforces its place in the industry.