Industry Focused Heroes. Focused on change (part 5).

IB Roof Systems Open House Honors Roofing Industry Heroes…
Lynnette Stanley accepts honor on behalf of Larry J. Stanley, Founder of IB Roof Systems at office dedication for roofing industry contributions and IB Roof Systems.

What an honor for IB Roof Systems to pay respect to the people who have shaped and crafted IB Roof Systems. IB Roof Systems has had many influential people pass thru the IB doors, yet we can finger point a handful that have left an indelible mark on our business and culture. One of most notable distinction is Larry J. Stanley, founder. (1938-2013)

IB Roof Systems was founded in 1978 by Larry J. Stanley. As an early adopter and promoter of PVC single-ply roofing, Larry was keen to see that PVC was and still is today the premier product for low-slope roofing and waterproofing. In his quest for the best solutions, contractor friendly and premium products, Larry researched, developed and created a formula, and a product that stands unmatched today! His passion and family oriented business model, his 5 sons, who have all been a large part of the growing company success is his legacy for success for years to come.

He is survived by 5 sons and his wife, Lynnette who have received this honor on his behalf.

IB Roof Systems has named the main training room in his honor. At the new IB, Grapevine, Texas facility there is a special place to always remember Larry J. Stanley for all of his contributions as well as he quest to always teach, train and and learn.

“Tell Me and I Forget. Teach Me and I Remember. Involve Me and I Learn”

-Benjamin Franklin

Larry J. Stanley, Founder IB Roof Systems

Larry started his career as a dispatcher for the Arizona State police after he graduated from Arizona University with a degree in Engineering. He achieved a master’s degree in Engineering from ASU. After moving from Arizona to Oregon, he worked as a high school teacher in Creswell, Oregon and led the FFA program in Willamette Valley. As a father of five boys he found ways to keep them busy and teach them the values of hard work on and off the family farm. Larry founded A-1 Roofing in Pleasant Hill, Oregon and then later founded IB Roof Systems in 1978 offering the Industry’s Best PVC Roofing System.

Larry and his lifelong companion, Lynnette went on to complete three church missions in which they served from Australia to Hawaii. Larry served friends and family throughout his life by giving unselfishly of his time.

About IB Roof Systems

Since 1978, IB Roof Systems has been a nationwide leader in providing high-performance PVC membranes and systems for the commercial and residential industry. With hundreds of millions of square feet installed, IB Roof Systems is committed to offering quality products, exceptional service and unsurpassed technical expertise. The company is headquartered in Grapevine, Texas and has facilities across the U.S. in Springfield, Oregon, Las Vegas, Chicago and Atlanta to serve contractors in any location. Learn more at

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