In Remembrance

January Ward (1975–2020)

January was a big part of Team IB. January, worked with inside sales and directly with many of the IB contractor family.  January passed away on Saturday evening, April 25th, 2020.

January was survived by her 2 beautiful daughters Samantha and Camryn, her loving mother, father and siblings. Her girls were what made her the absolute proudest! When she spoke of them she lit up and there was no doubt they both filled her heart with much joy.  She will be remembered at IB for wearing her high heels every single day. She wore them fiercely. You could hear her tiny body walking so hard In them. We said she “walks with purpose” and she surely did.  She was a purposeful and determined woman with a smile and a laugh that could fill a room and lucky for her girls to have inherited this trait from her for sure. January will be missed by all that loved her and will always be in our hearts.

To honor January and to help her daughters along the way, a gofund me account is available for donations here.