IB Tech Time – with Tim Dunn Midwest Tech Rep for IB Roof Systems Save money – re-use existing bowl drains!

In my territory some contractors perceive if they are installing IB Roof Membrane with a Full System Warranty that they must use retrofit roof drains. This is not the case. A functioning, cast iron roof drain performs better if it is cleaned properly, and the clamping ring is re-installed with new hardware as per IB Specifications. If existing clamping rings are broken or missing, they can be replaced at a local plumbing supply. Tech Tip- Contractors can have straight, good looking end laps if they cut membrane with a Sheetrock square or 6’ straight edge ruler! For more tips and installation helps go to https://ibroof.com/ib-product-installation-videos/?wpv-video-category=installation-videos&wpv_aux_current_post_id=32484&wpv_aux_parent_post_id=32484&wpv_view_count=32261 #TeamIB #IBTechTime