FM Approved Assembly: # 309059-0-0 (FA-CB-RI-TB-S)

IB Roof Systems is pleased to announce the release of a new FM approved assembly # 309059-0-0 (FA-CB-RI-TB-S). We now have testing data for a fully adhered membrane assembly over cover-board, extruded insulation, and thermal barrier, over a steel deck. System Overview:

  • This system is only for new or tear-off applications.
  • It features a fully adhered single-ply membrane or fleeceback membrane in 50, 60, or 80 mil thickness using an approved IB membrane adhesive.
  • One, or more, layer(s) of an approved cover-board and insulation is secured using an approved IB insulation adhesive.
  • One, or more, layer(s) of an approved thermal barrier is mechanically attached with IB #12 fasteners and 3” steel insulation plates.
  • Deck Type: 22 ga, type B, grade 33 steel
  • Fire Rating: Class ‘A’ up to 2:12 slope

  For more information on this FM approved assembly and others, please contact the IB Technical Department.