Congratulations to ARS. Letitia Hanke. Roofing Contractors’ Contractor of the Year.

IB Roof Systems has had the pleasure of working and providing roofing support and materials to ARS since 2004. The roofing industry is one made of young, growing and testing individuals as well as hard fought and well seasoned contractors.

It is hard enough to start a business as you may know, there are many road blocks, hurdles and pitfalls, but in the roofing industry you can usually find all the others… weather, seasons, difficult times and more. That hasn’t stopped Letitia Hanke, (read her full story here) Owner of Alternative Roofing Solutions (ARS). She has taken more bumps than most as an African-American, female-owned business.

You can. Start here. Donate to Letitia’s Lime Foundation to help propel excellence and education for those in need.

She has turned her business into a thriving opportunity and has become a spotlight in giving. Letitia has seized the moment to take her well-doing and give back by starting a foundation that provides assistance to the disadvantaged. The Lime Foundation. See link for full details. Not only has she started a support for disadvantaged youth and other age groups, her focus on the roofing trade is a target of her change. To grow, train and educate those in the roofing industry. NextGen Trades Academy is a testament to her commitment and fortitude to manage change in the roofing industry.

NextGen Academy

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