Clad Edge Metal Revision

IB Roof Systems is pleased to announce a revision to its standard details for attaching IB PVC
clad metal for Drip Edge and Gravel Stop applications. This revision supersedes the current detail numbers ME-3 & FE-3 (Rev. 11-08) found in the 2010 Specifications Manual. This update eliminates the current “standard” detail as a warrantable option and offers contractors and building owners the additional watertight security at the perimeter by placing the edge metal over the field membrane and uses a strip-in application for a final watertight seal. Additionally, these details are available with or without a cleat, giving the contractor flexibility to install the perimeter metal based on project conditions and specifications. Please note the current ME-3 & FE-3 (Rev. 11-08) are now listed as an “alternate” option and can still be used if desired. However, it will not be eligible for Total System warranties.