2022 Embrace The Change.

Putting the year in perspective.

As we close out 2021, many of you may be hoping to turn out the lights on December 31st and awake to a New Year in 2022, which you are expecting will restore order in our world, everything will be returned to pre-pandemic supply chain availability, and where finally the roofing industry will be back to “normal”.

Unfortunately, the events of 2020 and 2021 will perhaps, forever change us as industry. These are indeed challenging times. IB Roof Systems CEO – Jason Stanley recently stated, “Those that are winning today are doing so because they have learned to embrace change and create opportunities to become successful.” I agree. Success in 2022 and beyond is possible if we are able to analyze our current practices, adapt to our changing environment, while offering ourselves as ‘solution providers’ at a time when solutions are in high demand and short supply.

While I have seen many issues over my 40 years in the roofing industry, I have never witnessed what is occurring now on such a vast and recurring set of circumstances. From my vantage point, I would like to offer some insight and recommendations to help you prepare for 2022.