2020 Sales and Tech Rep Awards – Stars Aligning for a Great 2021!

What a great close to the end of the IB Roof Systems National Sales and Technical Conference at The Vin Hotel, Grapevine, Texas – March 04, 2021. IB Roof Systems highlights reps and techs every year for those who are growing, changing and making leaps and bounds over hurdles to make IB customers successful.

IB Roof Systems is a contractor centric manufacturer that believes the needs of contractors come first, the support, service and the materials to do their job are more important at every level than low-cost, low-quality driven products and support of those.

To prove that point, our sales representatives and technical representatives, from rookie to seasoned veteran display the qualities it takes to be successful and operate in this amazing AEC industry. With training sessions, demos, business support, marketing efforts and on-site support of our customers, IB reps prove once again they are the best in the industry boosting big numbers in sales and quality job completions.

We would like to thank all of our reps and techs here for their continued focus, dedication and loyalty to the IB brand. Industries Best!


The Technical Awards are a series of awards presented to IB team members who have proven IB standards, overcome issues and provided solutions and results for our customers that help propel IB Roof Systems to the top of technical support in the roofing Industry!

Joe Sample
This award is to recognize the rep that has provided impactful product demonstrations and contractor trainings during the year. They consistently find ways to show our customers IB products and discuss best practices and techniques to new and existing customers during the year. They provide positive influence and leadership to our customer base and colleagues.

A leader in positive influence, quality installation techniques and customer support! – Congratulations JOE!

Melvi Almanzar
This award  demonstrates the iconic Hungry, Humble, and Smart qualities of the Ideal Team Player here at IB Roof Systems. This person throughout 2020 has been hungry to learn and grow in their knowledge and expertise and they have a “can do” attitude. Humble describes being teachable and asking questions rather than always assuming that they know or must give an answer on the spot. Smart means they understand the circumstance they are in and adjust their conversation to ask for clarification and answer the questions and resolve issues with a positive attitude.

Dedicated, team player committed to growing, supporting and developing IB Contractors installers into the best they can be! – Congratulations Melvi!

Willy Freyre
This award is for the rep that has demonstrated immense influence and leadership among their colleagues. Demonstrated exceptional product knowledge and been notably efficient and proficient in their area of expertise. Regularly goes above and beyond to answer questions and resolve issues with a positive attitude. Has provided excellent value within their territory, and consistently helps make a difference to the growth in the territory they support. They have stepped up in everything asked of them. Sets the standard for timely reports, quality reports and on time response to the issues at hand. Congratulations to Willy!


The IB Sales Awards are a presented to members of the sales team who have grown, nurtured and provided the significant boost in customer acquisition through both product knowledge and support and sales of premium roofing materials! From the new guy to top tier producers – Team IB sales reps are the best in the industry!

Chris Cavanaugh
Make no mistake – Rookie of the Year means business, a young gun willing to duke it out and get busy! This award is for the newest member, in their first year to produce more sales and customer base than previous! This does not mean Chris is an industry rookie, he is a 15 year veteran to roofing and new to IB. Watch out – look for top-tier sales soon! Congratulations to Chris!

TJ. Becerra (not Pictured) Shawn Stockford, and Rob Cox – a 3-way tie! These guys started 2020 with a mission, find contractors who want to use the best products and prove quality trumps low cost any day! These guys produce new customer sin a down turn – pandemic year. Hard work paid off! Congratulations to Shawn, TJ, and Rob!!

Talk about a true warrior! Robert Cardenas posted record numbers in a pandemic year, as well as managed more customers than any other rep! Robert is not one to to take lightly in the sales game! He is talented, knowledgable and a true contractor partner – he gets it. Help your customers succeed and the rewards and accolades fall! Congratulations to Robert Cardenas!

Top Salesman and and Sales Leader! Jeremy Roberts, honored with both awards. Jeremy posses that character that most people are envious of… committed drive and unwavering talent. The ability to solve complex issues, provide unmatched technical support and the giving of time and energy to his customers at almost a fault – he is a true top-tier salesman! He has brought traimning and support for the whole sales team and insight to the industry to make others successful. Congratulations Jeremy Roberts.