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Reclamation Video

Tom Dentel:
I'm Tom Dentel with Harrisburg Schools. I've worked here for the district for about 18 years, in the great state of Oregon, nice little town of Harrisburg. And this summer, we're replacing the east half of the gym roof there. We're standing north of the gym.

Jason Stanley:
We provided Harrisburg's school district with its first products back in the late '70s. Now, 30 years later, we're reclaiming, recycling, and replacing those very roofs.

Tom Dentel:
And I really like the straight white PVC. You can go up there, and clean it up. It reflects a lot of the solar heat, so it helps keep the buildings much cooler. When we put it on the grade school, that building was 10 degrees cooler in the summer.

Jason Stanley:
Our contractors really enjoy the reclamation program because they can offer their customers peace of mind, and we take the process of hauling the product away and getting it to the recycler.

IB Roof Systems is a carbon-neutral company. We've taken the responsibility of finding places where our products can be recycled. We've located a facility west of the Rockies and another one east of the Rockies. So products can be easily captured from the job site and sent directly to the recycler, overall, affecting and reducing our carbon footprint.

Jeff Walter:
I'm Jeff Walter, and I work at Northwest Polymers in Molalla, Oregon. From what we've seen so far in processing the membrane material, there's very little waste. As it passes through our system, what we're seeing is probably 99.5% of good, usable materials.

One of the good things about vinyl and plastics is that they last for such a long time. The material is still very useful because it has that lifelong warranty. It hasn't degraded, and it hasn't broken down, so it can still make a good product and be recycled in 30 years.

Jason Stanley:
IB Roof Systems is proud of the fact that our roofs last so long, but it's good to know that once their service life is complete, that they can be recycled and made into other products.

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