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IBRS Rene Dupuis

Similar to Jason, I was born into this industry. Renee would take me up on roofs when I think I started when I was eight at night to do infrareds. And back then the cameras had to be cooled so you had to carry liquid nitrogen with you. Guess who they gave the canister of liquid nitrogen to carry? Eight-year-old, sitting there bubbling away. And as I grew older, he continued to sneak me into places and let me learn his craft on a roof that honestly he was one of the pioneers helping develop. I can name off other consultants, the greatest generation of consultants, if you will, that really developed from the 70s forward.

I mean, we can talk about some older, like Mr. McCauley. But that generation developed what we have today. And it didn't matter whether you had been in this industry for 45 years or this is day one, he would treat you exactly as a equal, and would share his knowledge with everybody and always looked to educate to the very end. We lost Renee this spring to heart failure, not Covid, thank goodness. But it still was tough. And so I appreciate this. Thank you very much.


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