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IB Roof Systems Premium Myth

Traditional thinking says that membrane per square foot cost can help gauge overall materials cost. Let's shed some light on why this is one of the roofing industry's most prominent myths. Bob and Jim are out for a bite to eat. Bob tells the waitress, "Give me your $1 beer," while Jim opts for the bar's $2 premium beer. Bob says, "Jim, you're always buying those premium expensive beers. They cost twice as much as mine." "Good beer is important to me, Bob," says, Jim, "and it's only a small part of the total bill." When the waitress returns, Bob orders a steak and a loaded baked potato. Jim orders the fried chicken and french fries. It's time for another round, and both Jim and Bob stick with their original beer choice.

When the bill comes, Bob is confused. His bill is higher than Jim's. "How did this happen?", Bob says. "In isolation, a $2 beer is twice as much," Jim explains, "but every part of your meal costs more than mine. You have to pay attention to the entire meal, not just the beer." This happens every day in the roofing industry To prove it, let's look at a quick comparison between traditional 50-cent TPO and IB roof systems PVC.

So the next time you're offered a cheap membrane price, make sure to compare the total material costs. You will discover that you can afford premium products like IB PVC that won't leave you with a bitter beer face. To learn more contact IB Roof Systems today.

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