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IB Roof Systems Open House

Jason Stanley:
We're here for the dedication of our new corporate headquarters in Grapevine, Texas. Today, we're going to be having a open house to welcome our friends and family to see our new headquarters facility. Well we're also dedicating many of the spaces inside the building to our legends or people that we respect in the roofing industry.

Eric Carlisle:
This space is pretty incredible because of the space and size, it's growth. We're growing so rapidly these days, the amount of warehouse space we need, office space, and then training too. We've incorporated in this space a café because of the people, to spend more time here, to do better work, to relate better to each other, kind of that relationship, the training side as well too, to get our contractors and even our monthly training sessions so we understand roofing and our products way better.

Speaker 1:
I am very honored to have this group of people honored in this way.

Speaker 2:
For me personally, thank you to everyone that's here today and that's been a part of my career and my life. I hope some small way I've given back, and looking forward to a great future.

Speaker 3:
Because of companies like the one here that IB and Jason are leading, they will change the lives of the people that they serve, and so dream on. Thanks for this.

Speaker 4:
I'd like to name this room after your father, Renee Dupuis.

Speaker 5:
Academics aside, Renee's greatest strength in this industry was his professionalism, and always looked to educate.

Speaker 4:
I have a quote that I want to read that you'll see when you go inside here that's on the wall. It says, "Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn." That embodies my father, and my mother will accept this.

Joel King:
We want to be able to provide education on new products and how we install products, the best practices to our customers, and having a facility like this allows us to have presentations, to have hands-on training for the contractors to come here and learn.

Eric Carlisle:
We now have a facility that allows us that opportunity to have people here in our office and educate them about roofing, not just our product, but the industry itself, and help them grow.

Joel King:
What our customers can expect is that we will continue to support them in every way that we can. I think that they can continue, that we're going to provide quality products, that we're going to provide exceptional customer service and the technical expertise that they've come to know and trust.

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