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IB Roof Systems Fish of the Day

It's lunchtime and Chip is hungry, thinking about a quick burger. Brie said there is a place just down the street that's really popular. So off he goes. As Chip walks in, he sees a bold sign that reads "fish of the day." The waiter greets Chip and offers to tell him more about the special. Remembering the sign, Chip is all ears as the waiter describes the chef's special preparation in great detail. Chip considers his own needs. I'm in a hurry and hoping for a burger. Ultimately, Chip orders the fish of the day believing the chef has prepared something special just for him. Chip left the restaurant late, not feeling well, and a bit confused.

What just happened? Let me explain. The restaurant, with the help from the chef and waiter, presented a special to move the fish for their own interest. The fish had a limited shelf life and had to be moved that day. It really was nothing special. If the restaurant had truly cared, Chip's needs would've come first. This same fish of the day concept happens every day in roofing manufacturing when manufacturers put their needs in front of the contractors. Manufacturers don't seek to meet the needs of the contractor. Instead, promoting low-cost products that fit the most cost-efficient manufacturing process that benefits them.

This is the difference between being roofing contractor-centric and manufacturer centric. Don't believe me? Why do manufacturers promote low-cost products? Because they're better? No. Why do they promote wide-width rolls that weigh 450 to 550 pounds? Because they're easier to handle? No. They know how contractors estimate. And to win those jobs, they have to be cheaper. That means they have to be the lowest-cost provider. To make that happen, they make decisions based on low-cost materials and manufacturing efficiencies, not quality or what's in the contractors' best interest.

The next time a manufacturer asks you if you want the fish of the day, kindly pass and order contractor-centric products with your best interest in mind. To learn more about how IB Roof Systems' commitment to unmatched quality and truly contractor-centric service, discover the difference today at or call us at 800-426-1626.


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