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IB Roof Systems Corporate Overview

IB has long been a manufacturer that promotes contractor-centric products. This is vastly different from the industry today. The industry today is all about being manufacture-centric. What products are easy to manufacture, and the saying I like to repeat is, "Always cheaper, never better." We manufacture products that are easy for the roofing contractor to install. And we've stuck to that mission, from the flashings we make to the roofing materials we produce daily. Even our tech support and inside sales and how we support those customers, we do it in a way in which they would want to be supported.

I think what sets IB apart first is the quality of our products. Second, I think it's that we are a contractor-centric company, and that's because we were the first contractor before we were a manufacturer. Everything that we do, every product that we make, from the size of the roll down to the smallest accessory is made with a contractor in mind.

Inside, there's a timeline and you'll see IB's history over the last 42 years. We've had innovations in solar and colors and a variety of products that have changed our company for the better.

We are so ecstatic about the amount of growth and things and the quality of our product and how customers really when they realize what our product's made of and how it's made, and the care and love that goes into it, it's incredible. There's not another product on the market that's been manufactured like ours has. It's tested, tried and true, and the industry has seen that, as well as our customers. It's pretty incredible for having a training facility to educate our customers and our own staff so that our product always becomes better. But long term, the education of the industries.

We can help contractors understand that you can have to have high-quality products that aren't actually a labor detriment, but actually a benefit to your labor crews.

I love working here as the Marketing Director. It's pretty incredible to be involved in a business that allows us flexibility, the creativity as well too, especially here at IB. We're corporate, we're family-owned, but we have an opportunity just to set the market on fire and do things differently.

I've worked in this industry for 38 years. This is a great place to work. I enjoy coming to work every day. I love the people that I work with and the Stanley family.

So IB Roof Systems exist to make roofing contractors' lives easier. It's difficult being a roofing contractor today. We deal with the weather, we deal with labor, and we deal with the supply of roofing materials. What IB Roof Systems can do is a partner with you and help you make your jobs go smoother, train your crews to make installations go easier, and help you arrive at a good successful project.


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