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IB Larry Stanley

LJ Stanley Education Center. I have a quote that I want to read that you'll see when you go inside here that's on the wall. It says, "Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn." That embodies my father in every way. For everybody that knew him, that's how he lived his life. It wasn't a, "Let me tell you how to do that." It was, "Let me show you," and then ultimately, "Let me teach you how to do it yourself."

Giving time to things that are important, right? And the greatest thing with my father was he always had enough time. And he was all about time. He was the guy that if you said, "I needed you," he'd drop everything he had, and he always had time, always. And I hope this new education center, that we can do that here. That's the intent. But I want to have our tech guys and our sales guys bring in as many contractors as we can and spend time with them here and teach them, not by telling them on a big screen, but by doing and showing them how to do things so that they will learn and take those things back to their market.

And we can make this industry better one customer at a time. And this facility should allow us to accommodate that. So with that, I'd like to dedicate this facility to my father, Larry Stanley, and on behalf of him, my mother will accept this. Thank you.


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