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IB Honoring Reid Ribble

I appreciate this honor a lot, more than you'll really ever know. It's difficult to even putting words how much I appreciate it, because one, it was unexpected, and two, I'm just unaccustomed to it. But I am a big dreamer and I know what this industry will look like 30 years from now, because of the work that you're doing, because of the work that Kyle Thomas is doing, our chairman-elect at NRCA, and the numbers of thousands of members we have around the country. The work that Renee did, and Matt, I know Matt's here someplace, there he is back over here, that have impacted this industry in ways much larger than mine.

I know that many things you do, even my time in Congress, I kind of describe it this way, that it's a footprint cast in sand, and that the sands of time ultimately erode it away. New things happen and new dreams emerge, and there'll be new dreams for the roofing industry as we fulfill one after another. Because of companies like the one here that and Jason's leading, they will change the lives of the people that they serve, and so dream on. Thanks for this very great honor.


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