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IB Honoring Colin Murphy

It truly is an honor and the Stanley family, I've known for longer than I even want to think. And I'm in a company of people who I have known for a very long time, and I am very honored. I'm glad I'm alive also, to be able to be honored in something because most of the time people are honored when they're dead. So it's a wonderful feeling to be alive and be able to accept it.

I began my life as a lawyer and found myself after a very short time essentially in the engineering end of things. And I liked what my clients did much more than what I did. And so found myself drifting into a very different career and found myself in the very beginnings of the single-ply industry in Europe and brought that to the United States.

Since that time, connecting people like the Stanleys with people in Israel who produced PVC membrane, people in Canada, people in Germany, so a lot of different countries, a lot of different people, and it's been a wonderful ride for me to be involved with that and all of these people. When I was told about this, I thought about all of the people going back through all these different places, and it's dozens of people that all connect with one another. So again, thank you very much. I greatly appreciate the honor.


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