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IB Fleece Backed Membrane

Prior to beginning the installation, it is important to be familiar with the adhesive manufacturer's safety requirements and application guidelines and instructions. Do not proceed with this installation until you have fully read and understand this information.

Ensure insulation and prepared substrates are smooth, clean, dry, and properly secured in accordance with project requirements and IB specifications.

Starting at the lowest point of the roof position, IB PVC fleece-backed membrane begins with full sheets. Roll out the membrane and set it into place.

Align the membrane to provide a minimum three-inch side lap.

Fold the membrane sheet back lengthwise, so the underside of the membrane is exposed. Then, also fold back the adjacent sheet in the same manner.

Apply low-rise adhesive in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. Apply the low-rise adhesive to the substrate using a compatible delivery system. Spray in a popcorn-style application at the specified rate.

Slide the membrane into place taking care to avoid seam contamination with adhesive. Note, as an alternative option, you may position the IB PVC fleece-back membrane roll into place, apply the adhesive to the substrate, and then unroll the membrane into the adhesive.

Immediately roll or broom membrane from inside to outside to work out any entrapped air and make the membrane make full contact with the adhesive to accomplish the proper bond.

Upon completing the installation, ensure all seams and laps are inspected and probed. If deficiencies are found, the area must be re-welded or repaired.



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