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IB Curb Detail MA

To install a mechanically fastened curb base flashing, you will need to measure the dimensions of the curb. Measure the curb height and allow for the base flashing to extend a minimum of five inches out onto the roof extending past the membrane termination. This will provide a sufficient distance to form a one-and-a-half-inch welded seam past the fastener plate. Add two inches for the vertical seam overlap. Be sure to terminate the membrane at the curb transition. Locate the fasteners around the base of the curb spaced 12 inches in the center. Wrap the curb with IB PVC flashing membrane using a single piece. Secure the membrane to the top of the curb on each side, while making relief cuts at the base of each corner. Tack weld the flashing membrane to the roof to hold it in position. Weld the flashing membrane around the base of the curb, forming a one-and-a-half-inch weld on all sides.

Weld the vertical seam of the flashing membrane, starting from the base and working up to the top of the curb. Make relief cuts to the flashing membrane at the top of the curb corners, and weld it into place. Complete this detail by installing molded outside corners into place. Upon completing the installation, ensure all seams and laps are inspected and probed. If deficiencies are found, the area must be re-welded or repaired.


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