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ARS Roofing - Lime Foundation

Letitia Hanke:

Hi. Thank you so much. I'm so excited. My name's Letitia Hanke. I am the CEO of ARS Roofing. I love IB Roof Systems. This is the only product that we use for our low slope, and we promote it constantly. We're letting clients know that this is the only product that we'll use. So if I lose a job because they didn't want to go with IB, I'm perfectly fine with it. So thank you so much for thinking of me and all the philanthropic work that we're doing in our community with our young people, getting them into the roofing trades, and we're starting with high school students and getting them and turning them into bright young roofers. So I appreciate you recognizing that, and I hope everyone's having a great time there in Jamaica. I wish I was there. Trust me. So, take care. Bye. Thank you.

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