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Apex Roofing and Construction

Brett Dobson:

Hi, I'm Brett Dobson of Apex Roofing & Construction out of Camas, Washington. This past year we did a unique project out at Multnomah Falls with a 100-year-old building at a steep slope, but there are flat roofing around the right and backside of the building. The flat roofs got messed up and needed to be replaced, and I was fortunate enough to get the job to do it. The building was built right into the stone hillside and there was no way to cut in a counter flashing, it was so jagged and rocky. There were about 35 squares of brown 80 mil that we put on this building.

Was really helpful to have the support and guidance of IB Roof Systems to help us figure out a way of waterproofing the hillside and we were able to come up with a unique pitch pocket. It turned out really nice. And it turned out to be a good project.


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