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We Bring Value to Your Building

Shielding your building from the elements is essential for your comfort and protection. IB Roof Systems provides complete system solutions. With so many energy-saving benefits, safety provisions and eco-friendly options, you know you’ve made the right choice.

PVC Roofing Membranes

IB Roof System’s PVC provides the best quality membrane and complete roofing solution.

Acrylic & Silicone Coatings

IB’s coatings provide a reflective, energy-efficient, and long-lasting solution to existing roofs.


IB DeckShield™ is a dual-ply, waterproofing, skid-resistant, walkable vinyl deck membrane.

Adhesives, Sealants & Primers

Adhesives, general-purpose sealants, caulks, and primers– components of the IB roof system.

Insulation & Coverboard

Offered in a variety of thicknesses and types for use over approved roofing systems/substrates.

Separation Sheets, Fire Sheets, Vapor Barriers

Roof assembly accessory roll goods for use in a variety of applications to meet project requirements.

Fasteners & Plates

Secure insulation, separation materials, termination bar, etc. to various substrates or flashings.

Metal Edge & Termination Bars

IB offers a wide range of metal edge and termination products to fit almost any application.

Roofing Accessories

PVC roofing accessories will make your roof project last a lifetime and nearly maintenance-free.