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IB Roof Systems is made for the building owner looking for the highest quality products and longest and strongest warranties. With so many energy-saving benefits, safety provisions, and Eco-friendly options, IB Roof Systems is the right choice.

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Nearly four decades of proven performance history from IB Roof Systems results in the MOST significant cost savings.

Energy Efficient

IB offers Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) listed and Title 24 Compliant solutions saving the MOST money on heating and cooling costs.

Fire Resistance

PVC is naturally fire resistant during and after installation for the safety of contractors and building owners for the MOST protection.

Ponding Water

IB PVC membranes are uniquely formulated to withstand ponding water providing the MOST leak-free solution.

Technical Details

IB products are designed for the MOST critical architectural specifications. From design to installation, we have you covered.

Custom Fabrication

IB offers custom fabrication, detailed specifications, and the MOST colors available so that your project can have the quality and finish it needs.

It’s Easy

Energy Savings

Looking for an easy way to save a significant amount of energy and money? It’s in your roof! Replacing your roof with an IB Roof Systems PVC white membrane and insulation system you may even recover the cost of the roof in just a few years. IB’s white PVC membrane complies with California Title 24, LEED®, and other energy efficiency programs. Check out our Sustainability initiatives.

Warranty Information

We Have You Covered

Install IB with the confidence that you have selected the Industry’s Best roofing materials. Through state-of-the-art equipment and stringent quality control measures, we ensure that the products produced in our facilities throughout the United States meet the superior standards upon which we have built a reputation of excellence since 1978.

IB Roof Systems has roofs still performing after more than 30 years. IB PVC provides the longest, most durable solution in the industry and offers material, labor and material and total systems warranties. Learn more about our Warranties.

Proven Performance

Why IB?

IB Roof Systems has been producing Top-Tier PVC roofing materials since 1978. Our materials have proven performance records with roofs over 30 years old still operating flawlessly today. We Partner with You. Our professional in-house and field technical representatives share invaluable expertise from aiding in the creation of roof assemblies to recommending solutions for complex details, to performing full system warranty inspections. We are there.