IB Roof Systems Celebrates Earth Day With the First & Only Documented Carbon-Neutral Roofing Membrane

Since its inception almost 40 years ago, IB Roof Systems carefully develops products, utilizes materials, and creates processes with sustainability in mind. The Stanley Family is pleased to announce that IB Roof System is the first company in the roofing industry to third-party certify its roofing membrane as carbon neutral.

What does this mean for you? For over 40 years, IB Roof System products have been proving to be sustainable by providing high levels of reflectivity, longevity and resiliency. IB Roof Systems recently invested in certifying that its go-to-market approach is also making a minimal impact on the environment. 

IB Roof Systems has documented that all its reflective membranes will be carbon neutral within the warranted lifetime in all climate zones.

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