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Our fluid-applied acrylic and silicone coating solutions deliver continued life to an existing roof, with little to zero interruption of business or tenants. These coatings require minimal maintenance and provide a reflective, energy efficient, and long lasting application – an IB Roof Coating can save you money and time on your next installation.


Acrylic roof coatings provide superior durability and can be installed over single-ply, thermoplastic, metal, EPDM, and modified bitumen, built-up, installations. Our acrylic coatings provide a reflective, efficient, and near maintenance-free installation.


IB’s high-performance elastomeric silicone coatings deliver excellent weatherproofing, and UV and biological resistance. Our silicone roof coating systems also feature fire resistance over foam insulation and other approved substrates.


Use to repair or restore

ThermoPlastic / EPDM
  • Superior wet patch repair
  • Superior strength and elongation
  • Adhesion to multiple substrates
  • Single step metal sealant
  • No fabric reinforcement required
  • Easy to gun and tool in place
  • Primerless adhesion to multiple substrates, wood, metal, concrete, single ply, asphalt/bituminous based products
  • Repair – Seams, fasteners, penetrations, skylights – NO FABRIC

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  • Superior wet patch repair
  • Easier Application
  • Fabric-Less installation
  • More Solids by Volume
  • No fabric reinforcement required
  • No Mixing up to 6 months
  • Low VOC