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Thank you for your selection and installation of IB Roof Systems materials.

Please fill out this Warranty Registration Form completely. After the form is completed and submitted you will receive a confirmation and a copy of the warranty for your files.

If you have any additional questions or concerns you can visit our website (Warranty FAQs) or you can contact us at 800.426.1626 and we will be glad to assist you and your request.

You are about to submit your material only warranty registration. This document will be used for reference and any claims or transfers.

Please review ALL information to ensure it is correct. This information will be sent to your installing contractor as well as IB Roof Systems for final registration approval.

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By submitting the above form, you acknowledge you have read the entire limited warranty, including the exclusions and limitations of liability sections;you understand your responsibilities as the owner under the limited warranty; and you acknowledge that the limited warranty to which this card was attached comprises the entire limited warranty.

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