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Industries Best PVC and Fluid Applied Roofing Solutions

We Bring Value to Your Residence.

If no one cares about a roof until it leaks…
Then make sure you have a roof installed with the longest
lasting, lowest maintenance, safest and energy efficient
solutions in the industry.

Make sure you tell your contractor “I want an IB Roof.”

Discover the Difference in Residential Roofing Products for Your Home.

Proven value – A better investment
The integration of time-proven products with tried and true best roofing practices
employed by quality driven IB Authorized Installers adds up to a roof with better
durability, better efficiencies and potential savings through reduced utility and
maintenance costs.

Peace of Mind
You can rest easy knowing that IB products have undergone significantly more quality control and testing than any other roofing products. Our authorized professionals will provide the most appropriate energy-efficient, lasting roof solution for your home.

Fire Resistance. A Huge Difference.
PVC is naturally fire resistant during and after installation for the safety of contractors and building owners

Sustainability. A Huge Difference.
Over four decades of proven performance history from IB Roof Systems results in significant cost savings of lifetime roofing

Ponding Water. A Huge Difference.
IB PVC membranes are uniquely formulated to withstand ponding water. Ponding water is not excluded from the IB warranty.

Chemical Resistance.. A Huge Difference.
IB PVC membranes are uniquely formulated to withstand harsh
chemicals and jet fuel and are not excluded from the IB

IB Roof Systems has roofs still
performing after more than 30
years. IB PVC provides the
longest, most durable solution in
the industry and offers material,
labor and material and total
systems warranties.

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Discover the Difference in Residential Roofing Products for Your Home.


Proven Performance.

Producing PVC roofing solutions for over 40 years

What is a Membrane?
It is the first layer of protection for your roof and all the valuables under it!

Not all roofing membranes are created equal. The top layer is the most important layer as it is the surface receiving all of the harsh elements and weather this world can throw at it. So it makes sense that the top layer should be thick and high-performance! Compare the difference!


More Reliable Seams

More Pliable

More Durable


IB has 3 thicknesses: 50, 60, 80 mil to make your project last a lifetime

80mil IB PVC

Surpassing ASTM D4434-12 Standards

Acrylic Coated Finish

Durable Weathering
Top Film

Anti-wicking Polyester Scrim

Durable/Same Thickness
Bottom Film

Choices Matter.
Eight colors for your residential projects.


Cool Stone

Cool Sand






A full Line of IB Matching Color Accessories

Everything your contractor needs to finish a beautiful, safe, and very low
maintenance roof


Edge Metals

Flexible Metal Profiles

Energy Savings – It’s Easy!

Looking for an easy way to save significant amount of energy and money? It’s in your roof!

Replacing your roof with an IB Roof Systems PVC white membrane and insulation system you may even recover the cost of the roof
in just a few years. IB’s white PVC membrane complies with California Title 24, LEED® and other energy efficiency programs. ENERGY STAR® qualified product

Say NO to TPO

TPO looks like PVC. It’s not! TPO is a petroleum based material that is significantly more difficult to formulate in order to prevent flame support. The industry has been test, trying and reformulating for 15 years and has no proven history to last or be a safe solution for your home.

A building burned during construction as a welder accidentally sparked the roof and burned like “hay”! This is too common of a result for using TPO and EPDM roofing materials. Protect your investment, use IB PVC roofing solutions.

TPO roof burned while under construction

Discover the Difference in Residential Roofing Products for Your Home.