Certificate Number: 123456

Warranty Registration Form – ‘Residential’

Instructions for Registration: Fill out this Warranty Registration Form completely, sign where indicated, detach along perforation, and mail to IB Roof Systems within 60 days of the ‘Date of Completion Except where prohibited by law, failure to return this Form with the below requested information may discharge IBRS’ from honoring the Limited Warranty in the event of a future warranty claim.

Date of Completion:
Owner's Address:
City, State, Zip:
Installation Address:
City, State, Zip:
Owner’s E-Mail:
Roof Size:
Type of Construction:
Type of Structure:
Roofing Contractor:
Contractors’s Signature:
Owner’s Signature:

By signing and mailing in the above form, you acknowledge you have read the entire limited warranty, including the exclusions and limitations of liability sections; you understand your responsibilities as the owner under the limited warranty; and you acknowledge that the limited warranty to which this card was attached comprises the entire limited warranty