Pleasant Hill

Pleasant Hill

Building Owner:

Pleasant Hill Schools District


Pleasant Hill, Oregon

Roofing Contractor:

A-1 Roofing

Roof Area

150,000 square feet




IB Roof Systems


Mechanically attached using standard white colored membrane

The Pleasant Hill School Districtis all too familiar with the effort needed to both physically and financially care for a problem roof. Maintenance Supervisor Bob Loboto said, “We were spending $40,000 a year on roof maintenance and replacing our traditional BUR flat roofs every five to seven years.” There was ponding water on many of the roofs, nearly all year long. That weight was putting undue stress on not only the roof, but also the structure of the buildings. Budget issues weren’t helping the situation.

IB Roof Systems Founder Larry Stanley heard about the problems facing the Pleasant Hill district and arranged a meeting. He informed school officials they weren’t alone. Stanley explained how many districts along the West coast were dealing with the same problems and solving them with the help of IB Roof Systems. The Harrisburg School District is just one example. Since completing work on 550,000 square feet of school roofs, no funds have been allocated for repairs.

Bob Loboto wanted Pleasant Hill schools to accomplish the same. A roof specification was written calling for IB single-ply membrane and the job was awarded to A-1 Roofing of Eugene, Oregon. Soon the two sides were teaming up to develop a cost-effective, lightweight tapered foam system. It was created from durable 1.5lb density EPS foam insulation to direct the water where it needed to be. Next, the reinforced CPA membrane was applied to the roof. Every seam was hot air welded and the roofs were encased under a one-piece blanket.

The series of roofs for the Pleasant Hill School District was completed over the course of several years from 1992-1995. Years later, it joined the Harrisburg School District as yet another IB Roof Systems success story.