Michigan State Bar Association

Michigan State Bar Association

Building Owner:

State of Michigan


Lansing, MI

Roofing Contractor:

Morrow Roofing

Roof Area

6,500 square feet


September 2003


IB Roof Systems


80 Mil white Wind Ballast

For more than 70 years, the State Bar of Michigan has kept the wheels of justice on track in the Wolverine State from its headquarters building in downtown Lansing. During a recent renovation of their facility, the group incorporated a number of environmentally conscious improvements, including the replacement of their single ply roof system with a white, energy saving CPA (Copolymer Alloy) membrane supplied by IB Roof Systems.

“They wanted a good long-term solution,”said Ken McNulty, president of Morrow Roofing Inc. of Mason, Michigan, the contractor selected for the re-roof project. The long-term performance of the 6,500 sq. ft. roof membrane includes a 20-year warranty on labor and a 25-year material warranty.

“We do a lot of investigating before we even deal with a company,” Bobbie Tetreault, Manager of Facility Services for the building revealed, “ and I make sure the birds are competitive.” Morrow Roofing has been installing commercial and industrial low-slope roof membranes for the last 15 years in Lansing and the mid-Michigan areas and maintains an excellent reputation for workmanship.

Tetreault had requested bids and received one from Morrow for the CPASingle-Ply Roof System featuring IB Roof’s innovative Wind Ballast System along with another bid from a competing contractor, who was offering a thinner black EPDM membrane. The white PVC 80-mil thick membrane from IB Roof Systems beat out the competing bid after the board of directors decided a white membrane was better because of the potential savings in air conditioning as well as Morrow Roofing’s reputation for outstanding customer service.

“Systems is the key word in our name,”Joel Stanley, Regional Manager of IB Roof Systems, explained. “We have been designing and manufacturing roofingsystems, not just roofing materials, since1979 and installing our CPA Single-Ply Membrane is easy and practically error free. With our pre-formed accessories IB Roof Systems can make even the hardest detail simple while minimizing installation error. All the accessories, all the flashings, all the IB Vents, the CPA Single-Ply Membrane, even the screws & plates that attach the roof, are covered under the longest comprehensive warranties offered in the industry. We also have a strong ethics in selling our roofing systems only to only authorized contractors.”

The office building had an existing ballasted EPDM membrane, which was about 20 years old and installed over top of an older CPA membrane. Both membranes were removed and the gravel was recycled into landscaping. Removing the gravel ballast took 10 lbs. per sq. ft. of load off the roof,an important consideration with the often severe Michigan winter weather.

The white 80-mil membrane was installed without expensive fasteners, utilizing IB’s Wind Ballast System. In fact, the harder the wind blows, the tighter the roof is held fast. The secret is a unique one-way air release valve that channels air out from under the membrane, thus creating a vacuum and pulling the membrane tight against the roof deck.

michigan-state-bar-1The membrane, which has a UL Class A rating for flame resistance, was installed over a protective slip-sheet on a lightweight concrete structural roof deck. The existing insulation below the deck was left intact. Seams were heat welded, which allowed for faster installation, saving both time and labor dollars.

From a doorway leading to the roof surface, a blue-colored and textured CPA walk-way was adhered to the membrane with a heat welder.

The facilities manager also noted that since the new membrane was installed, the association has noticed a drop in air conditioning costs during the summer. A white membrane can reflect up to 90 percent of the heat that would normally enter a building through the roof. On a typical 85-degree summer day, the temperature of a black membrane can measure in excess of 170 degrees while IB’s white CPA membrane registers barely above 90 degrees.