Hoodoo Ski Bowl Lodge

Hoodoo Ski Bowl Lodge

Building Owner:

Chuck Shepard


Central Oregon

Roof Area

40,000 square feet




IB Roof Systems


Fully Adhered System using 80 Mil custom color evergreen membrane

At Hoodoo Ski Area in Eastern Oregon, you want the snow to stick to the mountains, not your roof. But that’s just what happened to the resort’s main lodge. Construction wasn’t even complete on the project when the standing seam metal started ripping off. Heavy amounts of snow were accumulating and becoming trapped on the roof. That was creating five-ton blocks that were pulling off sections of the metal. As a result, the structure was suffering serious damage and countless leaks, while posing a hazard to customers.

IB Sales Representative Ed Cook was skiing at Hoodoo when he noticed the damage. IB had already done flat work on portions of the main lodge, along with a tool shed and several other small buildings. But the question was: would IB be the right fit for the entire roof? Hoodoo was familiar with IB and happy with its performance. But there were concerns about how the product would work on the roof, with a 7:12 pitch. Plus, how would it look when it was all said and done?

Hoodoo owner Chuck Shepard says the decision to scrap the existing metal roof was a difficult one. It gave them the look they wanted for the lodge. And after all, it was brand new. The contractor says the concerns are legitimate. It was a new type of project and a difficult one at that. But he was certain IB was the solution to Hoodoo’s problem.

As a result of the cool roof struc-tural assembly, IB Roof Systems recommended a simple, yet effective specification, calling for a quarter-inch primed densdeck over 1 1/8 plywood. It was mechanically attached with three-inch plates and two-inch fasteners. IB’s CPA 80 mil custom color evergreen membrane was then fully adhered to the assembly below.

Four weeks after getting started, the project was complete. Everyone is satisfied with the final result. “The roof looks great,” says the contractor. “I’m pleased with the look of it. It was definitely the right application and the right product.” Owner Chuck Shepard is also pleased, with the process and the new look. The structure still has the appearance he hoped to maintain. Ski season is fast approaching. When the last run is made and the final snowflake melts away, IB will have yet again proven its strength and versatility.