Harrisburg Schools

Harrisburg Schools

Building Owner:

Harrisburg School District

Roof Area

550,000 square feet




IB Roof Systems


Mechanically attached using 50 Mil white colored membrane

Dealing with problems associ-ated with roofs can be some of the most difficult challenges facing school maintenance supervisors. It certainly was for Tom Dentel of Har-risburg School District in Harrisburg, Oregon. “I’ve dealt with and tried to maintain hot mop and kick and roll type roofs. It was always a losing battle both inside the building and out,” Tom said.

In 1978 the district set out on a search for a roof that would meet its needs: long-term protection that fit into its budget. The roof had to be impervious to ponding water, high UV ray conditions and freeze-thaw cycles. IB Roof Systems was the solution, with the flexibility to customize details to meet the district’s waterproofing needs. IB could design a system to fit into its budget.

In total the Harrisburg School District needed to cover approximately 550,000 square feet. IB Roof Systems was able to set up a program to complete all of the roofs by 1986, starting with those in the worst need of repair. Breaking up the projects made completing each of the schools an affordable endeavor. A 20-year, 100% warranty on all of the work meant the district could rest assured the workmanship would last for years to come.

The Harrisburg School District roofs are standing the test of time. Tom Dentelsaid, “IB Roof Systems gave us what we wanted. And guess what, we have roofs over twenty years old with no problems, no maintenance except for cleaning leaves and balls out of gutters and no sign of wear. We don’t allocate funds in our budget every year for roof repair, maintenance, or interior damage. We have won the battle. In my book, IBRoof Systems deserves and A+.”