GE’s Satellite Tracking

GE’s Satellite Tracking

Building Owner:

General Electric


Oahu, Hawaii

Roof Area

8,000 square feet




IB Roof Systems


Fully adhered using 80 Mil white colored membrane

IB Roof Systems teamed up with the contractor to protect G.E.’s American communication satellite tracking station on the North shores of Oahu,Hawaii. Located almost 1,000 feet above the shores of Sunset Beach, this circular structure experiences gale force winds on a regular basis. Combine this with exposure to intense UV and salt water, and you have all the elements that lead to roof failure.

G.E.’s Edward Abbot, Manger of Hawaiian Region Operations, turned to IB Roof Systems to provide the quality system needed for these conditions. G.E. was not looking for an ordinary roof system, but one that would give them long-term performance, guaranteed for a quarter of a century.

With this type of performance in mind IB Roof Systems 80 mil CPA membrane was selected. IB’s 80mil is the only membrane inthe world to offer a 100% warranty for 25 years. The G.E. station was built entirely out of structural concrete with a reflective coating that had long since worn out its useable life. It was decided that wind requirements could be met by fully adhering the 80 mil membrane directly to the structural concrete.

To prepare the deck, they ground off the existing reflective coating. The deck was the air-blown to remove dust and debris from interfering with the adhesion of the membrane. The system was installed in just four days witha crew of four men. IB Roof Systems 60 mil pre-formed outside corners aided in making the details an easy and professional installation. The perimeter edge was done in six foot stages to allow for the radius of the gutter detail. This was completed by using an inventive, double term bar detail.

This goes to show you with IB Roof Systems on the job no roofing project is impossible.