DQ Grill & Chill 2013

DQ Grill & Chill 2013

Building Owner:

Thomas Reinen


Minneapolis, Minnesota

Roofing Contractor:

Fischer Companies

Roof Area

7,000 square feet




IB Roof Systems


80 Mil ChemGuard

They’re famous for delicious hamburgers, yummy frozen treats, and the best fries in town. But watchout D.Q. patrons – they’re about to morph into another stage of hamburger frenzy: D.Q. Grill & Chills. Recently, D.Q. just built their first D.Q. Grill & Chill, right down the road from their company headquarters, which promises to launch them above and beyond the big time; offering a whole array of their traditional fantastic foods, but now they offer a full service restaurant too.

For their monumental first step, they wanted the best and the brightest of everything, and when it came to choosing a roof, they naturally chose IB’s 80 Mil ChemGuard Membrane.

After viewing numerous presentations, D.Q. decided to go with IB’s product, “primarily because of the warranty and the grease resistance,” said D.Q. representative Chuck Kappes.

In the fast food industry, a watertight roof is a top priority, making IB’s ChemGuard oil-resistant membrane a necessity to have on every fast food building. ChemGuard is a unique membrane that is not affected by grease and chemicals found on restaurant roofs, a benefit all restaurant owners would appreciate. So now it was time to begin building: that’s where FischerCompanies came in.

Since this was the first in a line of D.Q.Grill & Chills, naturally D.Q. wanted to have everything perfect; because of this, there were a lot of additions and changes made to the design as the store was being built. However, since they utilized IB’s Membrane, the changes weren’t a big deal.

“They constantly kept changing the building and we were able to change with them. [We] could customizeon the fly,” said Fischer Companies representative, Michaelangelo Scalze.

In addition to being able to customize on a moment’s notice, Fischer Companies and D.Q. were very pleased with the IB membrane’s ability to be installed in very low temperatures.

“We can do it in temperatures where others can’t. The temperatures don’t stop us,” said Scalze. And as far as durability in the cold weather goes, Scalze also said, “IB has been the best.

”So, in the end, D.Q. was very pleased with the final product. According to D.Q.representative Kappes, D.Q. plans to utilize IB again in the future for their roofing projects, including their continuing line of D.Q. Grill & Chills.