Boyce Residence

Boyce Residence

Building Owner:

Mr. and Mrs. Boyce


Phoenix, AZ

Roofing Contractor:

Hidden Valley Roofing

Roof Area

6,000 square feet




IB Roof Systems


Mechanically attached using 50 Mil white

The music group, The Drifters, sang about the peace and quiet one can experience up on the roof. The lyrics have not fallen on deaf ears as, once again, art imitates life. Architects are designing low-slope roof decks on luxury homes in sunny spots like Phoenix, Arizona, with the help of white CPA roof membrane from IB Roof Systems.

Today’s homeowners want features that will let them escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. These luxury homes often contain decks, skylights and multiple elevations up on their roofs to satisfy the need for peace in modern life.

The IB Roof 50-mil CPA white membrane has the smart looking appearance that luxury estates deserve and is backed by a 100% lifetime material warranty.

Architect Manuel Aguirre with GBMA Architecture LLC of Phoenix designed the low slope roof that was recently installed over a 6,000 sq. ft. home built near the Phoenix Country Club in Phoenix, Arizona.

“The house is designed in such a way that we created our own views,” said Manuel Aguirre, AIA, a Principal with GBMA

Architecture. Aguirre said the building team had looked at several roofing membranes, but once they read the IB Roof Systems warranty and found how easy it was to work alongside an IB Roof-authorized installer, no other membrane maker stood a chance.

There were other benefits to the IB Roof membrane, including its Energy Star rating. The membrane matched another desire of the home owners who wanted the entire house to be Energy Star rated. “This house is three times more efficient than most Phoenix homes,” Aguirre said.

The IB Roof System’s CPA white membrane can create a more energy efficient building envelope. On a day when the temperature is 85° F, a black roof can reach 172° F, but the IB white membrane only heats up to 91° F.

Other sustainable features of the roofing membrane include its design to be recyclable in the interest of having the least environmental impact, and can be placed over existing roof membrane to eliminate additional waste going to the landfill.

Other additional “green” building features include: a radiant barrier installed under the roofing membrane, some limited rainwater harvesting and planting of drought-resistant landscape.

The roof deck and some balconies were among several luxury features. The deck was fashioned from imported Brazilian wood, which is similar to cherry in the United States.

A palletized Brazilian walking deck was installed over an 80-mil portion of the roofing membrane, that waterproofed and protected the roofing insulation and decking.

A majority of the roof was covered with a 50-mil CPA membrane. The insulation installed was a 2 inch rigid polyiso below the membrane, which was mechanically fastened.

The roof has about six or seven skylights installed on it and five or six air conditioning units. The IB Preformed Metal Flashings surrounding the many roof penetrations were PVC coated to allow an absolute weld with the membrane. By welding around the penetrations, there was no need for caulking or tar sealants, which can fail in the hot Arizona sun and allow water into the system.

The membrane came in 6 foot wide rolls and it was heat welded together, according to Hidden Valley Roofing contractor Marshall Sturgill.

The edges of the membrane were terminated along parapet walls, and the membrane was welded to PVC-clad metal scuppers at the drains through the parapet walls.

And chances are the homeowner will have more time for lounging on the roof deck because of the low maintenance requirements of an IB Roof membrane.

“That’s why they were so interested in using a system like ours,” said Marshall Sturgill of Hidden Valley Roofing in Phoenix.

“It’s a good roofing system,” Sturgill said. The IB Roof CPA Single-Ply Membrane and the accessories, including the flashings, IB vents, screws and plates for attaching the roof, are covered under the longest comprehensive warranties offered in the industry.

IB Roof Systems is the only manufacturer to offer 100 percent lifetime warranties on residential low slope roofs for as long as the owner lives in the home.

“That’s a very desirable selling tool for people,” Sturgill said. “IB is one of the few that will give you the guarantee.”

In addition, the family-owned IB Roof company only sells its roofing systems to contractors who are authorized in the application of the products. The principles of Hidden Valley Roofing have been installing the IB Roof Systems for nearly 15 years and jobs involving IB Roof products account for 90 percent of the contractors business.