Boyce Residence – San Jose Foothills Home

Boyce Residence – San Jose Foothills Home

Building Owner:

San Jose, California

Roofing Contractor:

Hamilton Roofing

Roof Area

5,500 square feet




IB Roof Systems


Mechnically attached using 50 Mil tan colored membrane

Bill Hamilton has been in the roofing business for nearly 20 years. During that time he’s worked with a number of different types of roofs. But in the fall of 2002, Hamilton came across a project that just wouldn’t be suited to what he was used to in the past.

The 60-year-old home in the East foothills of San Jose, California has four different levels. Three of the sections were tar and gravel and the fourth was covered in spray foam. The roof was about twelve years old and it was leaking. Hamilton considered a number of replacement options at first, like a hot roof or torch down, but he felt they didn’t fit this home. They couldn’t offer the long-term protection and clean appearance he needed for this project.

IB Roof Systems Sales Representative Ralph Miller says Hamilton approached him and the two decided IB’s single-ply membrane would be a good fit. Since the home is in a heavily wooded area, Hamilton wanted to be assured the system he used would not pose a fire danger. Plus, he wanted a lifetime roof that could fit in with the look the homeowners wanted to achieve. According to Hamilton, “Using IB RoofSystems lowered my liability and gave my customers the roof protection they need.”

The project got underway in October and lasted three weeks. The first step was getting the old roof off and rebuilding around the perimeter. Then IB’s 50 mil tan membrane was mechanically attached over 3-inch insulated foam. Finally, a decorative redwood trim was added around the edge. It was painted, along with all of the metal on the roof, to match the tan membrane.

The homeowners are pleased with the outcome and so is Bill Hamilton, “They just love it, they like the aesthetics, the clean look of it.” Ralph Miller agrees the results are impressive, “Bill is a real craftsman, he’s an outstanding roofer.” While this may have been Hamilton’s first job using IB Roof Systems, it certainly won’t be his last. He has several other projects already lined up and continues to pursue more.